Monty St John

He is currently investigating the idea of setting up a new company to publish games after parting ways with Emperors Choice Games. He was the writing force behind Arduin, composing new works for Emperors Choice Games & Miniatures. He had built on the legacy left by David Hargrave and taken it to new heights, telling its story and cataloging it in a way never done before.

He starting playing role-playing games in 1980 as an "experiment", starting writing them a decade later and hasn't looked back since. The publishing of various modules was followed by role-playing supplements in the 1990's (not to mention a failed novel attempt), role-playing games and books after 2000.

The Worldbook of Khaas, his first major role-playing enterprise and second gaming volume, sold out on the initial and second print runs and is currently performing well in its third printing. It features one of the few completely system-neutral world settings and encompasses more than 800 pages of detail. described his writing on the Worldbook of Khaas as "...a huge product with big ideas...the scope and fabulous possibilities of which soon won me over." followed with something similar, saying "...all of the information that it contains is not only useful, but indispensable...821 pages of well written, relevant, setting content - something that no other fantasy setting supplement has provided in the history of our hobby."

The publishing of Arduin Eternal ended the four-year journey rejuvenate the Arduin name and provide new vision to the trademark. Aggressive and giant in scope, the large volume attempts to capture all the powerful concepts of Arduin in a comprehensive tool set and put it at the disposal of player and GM alike in a single volume.

Monty is has passed down the rework of Arduin into a more old school version (Arduin Bloody Arduin) to capable hands after parting ways with Emperors Choice Games & Miniatures and is devoting a great deal of time to writing fiction. His current novel, Lightning's Scion is held up from publishing but he has an additional novel in the works due out sometime in the future.