In the non-fiction realm, Monty St John has ventured into the realms of Threat Intelligence and Reverse Engineering more deeply than ever before. Both are natural offspring of his previous work in Digital Forensics and Software Engineering and he has several technical papers and prospective talks in progress. Until those hit publication, feel free to stop by his github repository or continue to check progress on the website.

Monty St John's parting with Empcho has put of the Arduin Bloody Arduin role playing game in the hands of George De Rosa, VP of Empcho. Please follow up with George De Rosa on social media or directly via the website for more details.

In its place, Monty St John is contemplating a new company in Texas or joining in collaboration with other game designers in an existing one. Until that decision, he has started work on his new (but equally old) game, Destiny of the Twelve Moons. The basic mechanics revolve around a simplified d100 system but can easily converted to system desired. More to come on this.