Monty St John is an author and game designer based in Austin, Texas, whose games include Arduin Eternal (Emperors Choice Games, 2009); World Book of Khaas (Emperors Choice Games, 2004); and Arduin Bloody Arduin (Emperors Choice Games, 2015). His writing props include a fictional novel "Lightning Scion" and numerous gaming articles. Monty has two other works of fiction that have fought there way from the abyss of his mind onto paper and are in the process of publication. Somewhere in the mix he's found time to collaboration on a cross-genre novel about zombies and hopes to see it in print sometime in the future.

If you are looking for Monty's more technical side: his work in Threat Research, Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics, Quality, or ISO Accreditation, then your first stop needs to be the Cyberdefenses website, his LinkedIn profile or Github. His work on the Threat Intelligence Field Guide (title likely to change) is in the works and slated for No timeline at the moment. The rest of his other work is scattered in various locations on the site, though your best bets would be the Threat Research, Non-Fiction or Current Projects links.

Connect with Monty

At you will find information on his latest projects, including books, articles, fiction, and more.

For his previous gaming works, check his stuff out on the official website for the gaming company Emperors Choices Games & Miniatures. For his new gaming works, stayed tuned to this site and watch for announcements.

For more "technical" projects, contact him via his LinkedIn profile or github

Contact Monty at monty (dot) stjohn (dot) or catch him on twitter at @MontyStJohn.