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Introduction (and explanation)


So, to you all reading this, my name is Immerlin.  

Say it with me:
Eh (that other sound you make when you didn't hear someone)
M (as in the letter)
ER (that sound you make when you don't know what to say), and
Lin (the nice lady who made you coffee just now).  

So: iˈmərlin

NOT "I'm Merlin", which I've heard people in the Earth Realm mispronouncing. I've heard of this wizard but we are definitely two different people, with widely varying styles – and definitely, magic.

I talk to worlds, you know, and they tend to listen and give me a hand when I ask for it. Of course, these days I talk to a lot of worlds and realms, as well as a bunch of other jobs, like keeping Bret out of trouble – an impossible task, by the way.

One of those tasks is monitoring the Eschatos Diagram email account. You can access it with the form above.  (Yes, above.  As in, the form at the top of the page.  Don’t send me messages any other way, because they won’t reach me.)

Ask Immerlin started as a way to answer questions Bret didn't have time for as allies joined us to battle on the Eschatos Diagram. Since then it’s morphed into more of a general information thing. So if you have something you are curious about that involves me, Bret, Howie, QVD, or has to do with the Eschatos Diagram, Realms and the things we get tangled up in, go ahead and write in and ask.

To be clear, while you can ask me anything you want, I only have to answer questions I want.

Chalk it up to being a grumpy wizard.

So, if you are asking something that’s particularly long, boring, or personal, you should probably be nice about it.

And, please, make it legible and understandable.

I know Earth's Realm is full of texting, tweeting and tik-tokking, but try and get your question to the point where I can read it without making my eyes bleed.

Or, spill my tea.

If that happens, its a guarantee I won't read farther.

Lastly. I have other things to do.

A lot of them.

So, don't be surprised if I don't answer back immediately. I'll queue up and answer them, usually as a bunch and post them on the main blog.

I might even provide a video response.  

We'll see.

Okay, I think that covers everything.  Have fun!

Please note.  Only subscribed members can send questions to Immerlin. Mainly to cut down on spam more than anything else.

Ask Immerlin Episode #1