Short Background

I've spent nearly three decades in cyber in one fashion or another, well before its current name, back when it was infosec, threat intel or some other current-at-the-time labeling.

That means a lot of investigating, researching, and doing, basically, in a wide variety of roles. Since 2014, I:

  • Started teaching heavily, running 10+ cybersecurity courses a year until COVID19 landed on the scene.
  • Built dozens of security teams, especially intelligence teams for various enterprises and no-profits.
  • Ran a cybersecurity apprenticeship program for aspiring analysts and engineers. When the effort was kaboshed when COVID hit, I built a Youtube channel called "Here is the Intelligence" to support the effort of educating those new or wanting to enter the cybersecurity industry. A link to the channel.

You can find a list of assorted articles, classes, and videos at this link. Its far from everything, but it should provide a sample of the education and content I deliver.

The Book - Abraxelie

Yes. I have a book on Cybersecurity in progress, with a (soft) publishing date of 1Q 2023. Its called Abraxelie and is a handbook for leaders who want to build an intelligence team or an intelligence sharing arm of their business.

The name is a bit of an inside joke that sprung from a very late night after an incident. Its a mashup of Abracadabra, axe and lie, and evolved to represent the crap happening in the incident. The people hurt by the inciden t expected some kind of mumbo jumbo to happen to save them, gave us the axe when it didn't happen and then lied about how well/poor we did and what actually happened.

The word kind of stuck and its been a goto for situations just like it. I foudn it an appropriate word to describe the book, though with a bit of a different dimension to the meanings behind the magic, the axe and the lie.