This page is the index for the Eschatos Encyclopedia, a series of articles about the background and setting of the world of the Eschatos Diagram novels.  If you want to know more about how its inhabits, realms, and the general structure of the Greater and Lesser Cosmos, this is the place to look.

Note that this Encyclopedia covers ‘big-picture’ topics – realms, how rules work, the political structure of the Factions and their relations, history, and so on.  If you want to know anything more personal about Bret Byrne, Immerlin, or their friends and enemies, you’re better off going to the Ask Immerlin page.

Eschatos Encyclopedia: Introduction
Eschatos Encyclopedia #1: Realms and Worlds
Eschatos Encyclopedia #2: Doors and Realms
Eschatos Encyclopedia #3: Paradigm
Eschatos Encyclopedia #4: Four Pillars
Eschatos Encyclopedia #5: Unshackled Realms