Eschatos Diagram

Eschatos Diagram

The Eschatos Diagram. A vast diorama of stars, cut by the edge of life and death, where reality crawls and twists into imagination, and doors yawn open to other worlds.

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  • Book One of the Eschatos Diagram. Published 11 Feb 2022.
  • Bret Byrne goes to other realms when he closes his eyes, whether he wants to -- or not. Out of control, the process has had him declared strange, mad, and insane, committed to an asylum. His best friend and lawyer, Howard Kearns, used every legal weapon possible to drag him out of that hell, and Bret has struck a delicate balance between his nocturnal wandering and keeping his life together. Unseen forces, however, are moving, and Bret finds his already strange life upended, drawn into a conflict beyond his comprehension.

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  • Book Two of the Eschatos Diagram. Projected to publish in April 2022.
  • When he sleeps, Brets slips into other worlds, experiencing the broken pieces of an ethereal tech. Working for Inverse Voices, a tech company, Bret had escaped the murders that had killed everyone else, chasing a paranormal link that revealed the company was far more than they appeared. So, once again, he falls into the Eschatos Diagram, seeking answers. But this time he's gone too deep leaving his physical body helpless to an otherworldly killer. The same killer who wiped out the entire Seattle branch of Inverse Voices and his boss, Dr. Samantha Escarra. Thankfully, his best friend Howard Kearns is there to protect him. But, will be he able to save a man, who may never wake? And if he wakes, will he be the same man who went sleep?