Eschatos Encyclopedia #4: Four Pillars

When the original realms fashioned the Eschatos Diagram, they employed four even more primitive and powerful tools to do so. Like needles to a weave, the four objects became that wove the fabric of the Eschatos Diagram out of the endless ocean that is Oikumene.

After fashioning the Eschatos Diagram, the four merged with it and became the pillars holding the entire weave above Oikumene.

The pathways in the Eschatos Diagram between the Realms are known as the Liminal Paths. The hidden roads that were created by Cheseros using the Trinpin Nail are known as the Occluded Ways.

The first object was named for its only owner, Keres. It became the highest pillar that supports the Eschatos Diagram.  Its top was flattened in the First Concordance of the Realms to fashion the Plateau, where the realms could trade peacefully without war.

The second is Dropha, a thing that both exists and doesn’t exist, is both alive and not at the same time. Described as all things and nothing, it is the shuttle in which the other tools worked upon, changing shape and nature as needed to weave the Eschatos Diagram. The Borrotun attempted to merge with it, failing, damaging the Eschatos Diagram, but becoming the First Immortal as well. This event was later called the Shattering the First Shackle by the Immortals that came afterward.

The third is Oolosi, also named after its owner.  Oolosi was an enigmatic being that existed as a cosmic cloud but also contained an enormous Realm that birthed energy beings. Also called the Navigator. Oolosi is said to have been caught in the weave of the Eschatos Diagram, as this Realm/being disappeared after the final crafting. Another story hints that Cheseros slew or stole Oolosi’s body to form the Occluded Paths with the Trinpin Nail.

The fourth is the Trinpin Nail. Cheseros secretly used the Trinpin Nail to create pathways for his own use (the Occluded Ways) unbeknown to the other Realms. The secret roads existed underneath the Eschatos Diagram as a closed off, inverted existence. The Occluded Ways stayed hidden for some time but eventually came to light when Cheseros used them to blitzkrieg invade a dozen Realms. This led to the First Cosmic Realm War followed by a Second Cosmic Realm War. The conclusion of the Second Cosmic Realm War destroyed Cheseros but not before the Trinpin Nail was used to blind Bathros.

The Immortal Mezpos recovered the Trinpin Nail, leading the Coalition of Immortals to craft the Immortality Dictum with it, forcing the majority of Realms in the Eschatos Diagram to burn in agony until they fell or hibernate to avoid the attack. The Remnant and Free Realms that fought the Immortals eventually recovered the Trinpin Nail.

While the Immortality Dictum could not be lifted, the Trinpin Nail was effective to cut away the Lesser (Lower) Cosmos, trapping the Immortals there.

It was broken into nine pieces, each piece used as a lock to ensure the separation stayed. Collectively, the locks are called the Nine Nivus.

Monty St John

Monty St John