Eschatos Encyclopedia #5 - Unshackled Realms

Not all Realms joined the Eschatos Diagram. A number stayed independent, shying away from what they took as restrictions. While dubbed with many names, the collective mainly self-referred as Unshackled.

The Unshackled Realms remained an old curiosity until the Immortal Kursweil stumbled across the dying remnants of an Unshackled Realm that was poised to fall to Oikumene. Quickly overwhelming the remaining entities that existed, Immortal Kursweil realized as he played with the Unshackled Realm that he could absorb it completely, adding it as his internal space in a process akin to how a Paradigm crafts an tiny realm.

This realization was rapidly shared, leading to a manhunt to track down other Unshackled Realms. It led to the creation of the ShineWell, or a path out of the Eschatos Diagram to Oikumune, the ocean of existence that Eschatos Diagram exists within.

Many Immortals walked this path to hunt Unshackled Realms in Oikumene. Immortal Headless Realm, Immortal Whither Cliff, and many other famous entities hunted Unshackled Realms.

Perhaps most known was Immortal Heartless Sun, who is considered the main architect of the Immortality Dictum. While overthrown by other Immortals in the wild conflicts that spawn after invoking the Immortal Dictum, Immortal Heartless Sun had his vengeance, returning from his grave in the suns of Carcosa to haunt all existence with an unending hate.

Monty St John

Monty St John