Quest Bank Examples

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  1. The headquarters of Janyiok burned down, towers of flame lighting up the skyline last night. The embers are yet cold and already answers are sought. Families of the victims weep before the ashes, soldiers of the lord are going door to door, and spies are thicker than thieves. The fires did more than destroy, releasing numerous monsters and people that were housed below Janyiok and the city is in turmoil. Scutu, brother of Ascelius' teacher seeks audience, if you have time. He has his own questions, many concerns, and a possible call for vengeance on this mind.
  2. Word rapidly traveled to the Telrk Mercs fighting in the Austgyn Mountains against the Manticore Scourge. They picked up their weapons and are rapidly traveling back to Urngos[1] to find answers to who and why their headquarters was burned down. The Mark[2] of the Province, Anak, remembers you fondly from past ... work you have done for him. He wonders if you are perhaps open ... to a bit more work in the shadows.
  3. Even the dead cannot rest. As the investigation continues, word has come to your ears that a few of those who died in the fire haunt the ashes, pulling the living into the fiery nightmare of their end. The soldiers of the city have cordoned off the site but not before many entire families were pulled into a fiery doom.
  4. OchKimbul, Triggr[3] of the Endless Faith to Uultold[4] was seen at the site of the burned out Junyiok headquarters. Handrights[5] of Uultold are stationed alongside the guards, smiting thieves that attempt to despoil what is now seen as a grave to the fallen. Efreinan, the new head of Janyiok has joined them as well and a power struggle between the two and the soldiers of the city have stolen everyone's attention.
  5. Meyt HalfHand was seen entering Urngos late last night.
  6. Candor, of NineBright Merchant House fame[6], bragged about finding something related to the HaverOak[7] while drunk at a noble party
  7. An silent auction for nine magic rings, rumored a set, forged by Kalifye[8] is set for next week
  8. Kimyo found toe to toe with an EidenSlyt in the ruins of MournEver Tower
  9. The Telrk Mercs had an armed confrontation with the soldiers of the Mark outside the city walls. The Mark of the Province, Anak, remembers you fondly from past ... work you have done for him. He wonders if you are perhaps open ... to assisting him in warning Ivend, Captain of the Telrk Mercs to ... be more wise.
  10. Fires spread under the Red Moon, lit by fanatics across the city. Dozens of voices from current and past acquaintances flow to your ears. Who will you help? Or, will you help no one?
  11. the Party moved to Ciryl, a city in the Tootenay[9] region, so I began a new set of action/rumors Slas-Y, Cordeen[10] of Anathas[11] has heard of you via Ascelius' teacher. He asks if you have courage, and will to assist a wrong. The Osprey Brethren, clean on the outside but rotten to the core inside, are putting on a banquet. He wonders if you are willing to pay a visit on his behalf and ... put on a show (disrupt the event).
  12. Alpin, son of Inpyl (Dwearoc) found and recover the remains of someone from the Berto Kalo family. He hopes that you might assist in being a proper representative, given how his race is viewed (poorly) in the city.
  13. Golden Chess Day comes soon. Those will skill and wits can shine brightly on this day if they play well. The great prize is a half-day with the City Lord and his team of Legendary chess players. A bit of soft skills background here: Soft Skills
  14. The Myriad Treasures Convention is where the leader of our generation bring their own rare treasures and display them. Regardless of whether it’s a chamber of commerce, a faction, or an individual, they can all participate.
  15. Rumors have exploded of the discovery of an unknown secret realm, supposedly an old training ground or cultivation resource spot of a forgotten sect. All your contacts are on fire to find out more and having any information can be a road to wealth -- or, death if you talk to the wrong person.
  16. A Fire Rain Guard's[12] Bugle Arrow exploded in the night sky over the Twin Moons district of Cyril. At least twenty beings lost their lives last night and one building was sundered by soundless, invisible lightning striking from the sky. Everyone has the night on their lips, wondering what deadly clash of forces happened under light of the moons.
  17. The four bodies the Fire Rain Guard sent to the Principale's Office disappeared enroute. The Fire Guard has closed the city gates, not allowing any entrance and exit until they are found.
  18. The bodies were found but one hundred experts appeared out of nowhere and decimated 33 Fire Rain Guard. Luckily, Chaste of Cowl, Priestess of Skirin[13], invoked the Wrath of the Blue Moon and slew them all. Birds of all kinds still cover the city, occasionally picking out the unlucky -- or guilty, if you believe -- eating them to the bone.
  19. The Yellow Springs Faction pressured the Temple of Skirin to retreat, taking the wrathful flock that has weighed down the city away. Slas-Y, Cordeen of Anathas asks once again if you will act on his behalf, to rally support and keep the two organizations from clashing.
  20. A Leafling[14] by the name of Haerun has begun speaking publicly, promoting a theory that non-Humans should upset the balance since Humanity has stolen the rightful destiny of the races and put their hands on the shards of divinity.
  21. A Heaven's Jealous Mouse[15] has been sighted at the Darkling Sea area of Flake Coral. Speculation is it is after UnderSea garden of Glory Fronds.
  22. Word has come that a large amount of equipment was "liberated" from a mass grave in the Outermost Moors. Given the rather sudden surplus of older, powerful but low durability equipment, it seems true.
  23. A cloud ladder dropped from the sky and four youthful men and women alighted. They walked the streets, eating and buying odd, useless things, purchasing with small fingernail sized bits of platinum. An attempted theft ended with the thief dissolving into mist before everyone's horrified eyes.
  24. The Open Air Landscape Painting Competition begins on EldnDay. The prize is the favor of the courtesan Sarncol, who loves paintings -- and painters. All the old masters have come out of retreat to play and paint.
  25. The fanatics of Pfarm[16] are kidnapping people all across the city, from children to the top generals. While frustrating, the City Lords request all people comply. They will not be harmed and may only be held for a few days; in most cases, the past has shown the actions the fanatics take have prevented many catastrophes to the city.
  26. General Syndos has posted an open notice that he seeks someone who can craft his exploits into a song. Specifically, one that will resound and linger (Epic Song). Those with talent (Master skill or higher) are welcome guests at his mansion until the song is completed (and to his liking).
  27. The Cando Faction has announced anyone that brings a Dark Dimensional Shard of at least a hand's length can use their Real Illusion training ground for six months, including the Profoundness Stone inside without limit during that time.
  28. The Cando Faction is building a Lightning Pool for training. It has announced that anyone immune to lightning will be greatly paid if they assist. Those resistant to lightning can also apply and have a place.
  29. The date of the Moon's Dream Palace comes shortly. The light of the moon's will finally be strong enough to bring it into being, once again. Where its stairs will alight is hotly contested, but strong rumors indicate at least one stairway will fall in the city.
  30. Sun Xang Pavilion is the host of the next Sword Meet[17]. Those interested are welcome to come and exchange thoughts, tips, and techniques with others in an interest in the blade. Edge Master Calcine is the guarantee for peace.
  31. Charoon, master chef from Intilspun city, is said to be randomly choosing to eat at the food carts around the city. He is looking for an aspiring chef to peak his interest ... and become his next disciple.
  32. Two ships sank on Windless Lake in the night. The Fire Rain Guard is said to have five people in custody. The information brokers are going mad trying to figure out who they are - and who died on the two ships on the lake.
  33. Ghouls walked from the bottom of Windless Lake, terrorizing people lazying along the shores. A full clean up crew made quick work of them, but the ghouls keep coming from the depths. The Yellow Springs Faction has put out a request that any who have a brave heart and the ability to fight and breath underwater come and help. The reward shall be commensurate to the amount of help provided.
  34. Word is circulating that something has happened at Tybalt Tower. The wizards who research there are long known for their eccentricity, but the porters who carry food to them have found nothing but rotting remnants when they replace the food every week. Attempts to contact the wizards within have stumped officials.
  35. The summoner's solstice is soon to arrive and everyone is making preparations. The lines between our world and others thin and it's the best time to summon -- or, be summoned. As this is a local event, many outsiders have come to the city to participate, especially young wizards looking for a suitable companion.
  36. The city is hosting the Tootenay Region's Karcela (a game similar to Reversi) tournament. The top prize is hefty: your weight in semi-precious local herbs and 50% of the tournament purse.
  37. A wind has been blowing on the streets of the city, seemingly appearing from nowhere and gusting strong enough to whip skirts and snap cloaks. It seems random and has done no harm, but small things, valueless things seem to disappear when the wind blows. Everyone suspects a Faerie is at large.
  38. A large number of five-colored auspicious clouds have gathered over the Gold Temple district. Only those with the strongest will (WIS 14+) or wisdom (EL 6+) can enter into this area at the moment. Those within when the clouds formed were pushed out, unconscious. The clouds can only be seen when up close, so the effect took some time to be noticed city-wide.

  1. Urngos is the city where the Janyiok Headquarters burned down ↩︎

  2. Mark is a title roughly equivalent to a Marquis. ↩︎

  3. Triggr is a title for organizations in this world. Similar to a Director/Chairmen position. ↩︎

  4. Uultold is the divine being that represents Justice, with smaller parts vengeance and retribution. ↩︎

  5. Handright is a title for low-level soldiers, priests and officials in their organization ↩︎

  6. NineBright is a mercantile trading company that trades across the entire world and through gates to many others as well. ↩︎

  7. HaverOak is a form of world tree that naturally generates a gate to ther worlds on its branches. ↩︎

  8. Knoblin craftsman who is considered the topmost master when it comes to crafting jewelry, especially magical rings. ↩︎

  9. Tootenay - Wide region of rolling hills and fertile plains that borders the Darkling Sea.To the West is the Darkling Sea, the TouchingHeaven Mountains in the East, the Green Flood (Forest) in the South and the Og-Din. ↩︎

  10. Cordeen -- Like a general manager or leader of an underground organization; usually runs a dozen to two dozen people maximum. ↩︎

  11. Anathas -- Folk hero. Soldier who disregarded orders to slaughter a village and instead led his troops to prevent other military groups doing the same. Led a failed revolt up upset the Kings of Tootenay and was villanized. ↩︎

  12. Fire Rain Guard -- Primary police force of Cyril. ↩︎

  13. Ancient God of the Blue Moon. ↩︎

  14. Leafling - Plant-based lifeform that assumes a humanoid shape to interact with the world but whose true shape can vary widely. Most in the Tootenay region are children of trees and magical herbs. ↩︎

  15. Heaven's Jealous Mouse - This creature can be tamed (Pet). Those who take this as a Pet can link their life forces together. Heaven's Jealous Mouse stops abnormal aging, life drain, blasting and similar actions at the cost of its vitality. This creature can consume precious herbs to increase its vitality. ↩︎

  16. Pfarm is a being of noform and all faces, able to see the paths of the future (probability). Its well known to "hold on" to beings it see taking actions or not taking actions that might steer the future in a direction is does not like. Even so, its rarely hostile, only holding people for a short time before releasing them. As such, authorities in Tootenay rarely stop the fanatics when they nab someone. ↩︎

  17. Think of Meets as small, local conferences where people talk, hang out, exchange info, and network. They are common in Mearoc within many communities. ↩︎