Ayrle - Eschatos Diagram Realm

I keep a pretty lively Discord running.  Mainly, to provide first looks and to get feedback from trusted persons' before I release a manuscript to edit.

One discussion inquired about the number of realms in the Eschatos Diagram. I have a sizable map of the Cosmos hand built. It shows ~270 or so realms and their associated worlds.

Its also far from complete.

I cut the map to make the original Eschatos Diagram face plate images for the card game. That alone should be a clue to readers and card game players that the realms are pretty diverse and span a sizable amount.

Anyway. The one I wanted to introduce today was Ayrle (IRE-lee). If you have read Book 1 - Ogygia, you will likely realize that chapter one deals with a realm that I never name, but is really important, nonetheless. After all, the chapter introduces the main character Bret Byrne and his Flashes, which are what he calls the jaunts that take him to other realms.

Most of the Ayrle realm is dead. In fact, only a handful of world still function, while the rest are either dead worlds or nothing but diffuse nebulae. The liviest world is named after the realm – Ayrle.  Its other living worlds are Cosus (Koh-U), Kirnir (Cure-N-ear), and Shoaensu (Shown-shoo).

I'll leave out full descriptions about them for now, but I will say that Ayrle and the other worlds will make a return in later novels.

Monty St John

Monty St John