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This is the intro to what’s going to be a long-running series of posts, the Eschatos Encyclopedia.  I’ll post a new entry most weeks, with an aim at once per week.

I've worked on the universe in which the Eschatos Diagram novels is set for a long time, though it didn't always have that go-by name. The good news is I have a lot of details worked about it -- and I mean a lot of details. Some of that information makes it into the novels but mostly it stays in the background.The scaffolding of the story, if you will.

The reason is you don't need all the information to enjoy the story. You might understand and appreciate the story a bit better if all the material was incorporated, but if I learned one thing writing the Worldbook of Khaas/Arduin Eternal it was that you can kill the pace of a story if you overwhelm with unneeded detail.

Another reason some information isn't presented is because its the structure the novels are set upon and isn't a natural topic of conversation or interaction for the main character.

For example, we breathe every day, all the time but that doesn't mean you talk about it all that much. And often, its just not relevant to what's happening in the story.

A final important reason is to do with the books’ first-person perspective.  Bret is fumbling his way through the Eschatos Diagram and you could make a hill out of the things he doesn't about. For instance, the ritual of bestowing the Eschatos Diagram on a Paradigm and helping them build a Seat is incredibly important, especially since a Paradigm is a proxy for the realm in realm wars and other matters.  But, since Bret gained the Eschatos Diagram in a different way than most and never got the training or introduction, he doesn't have this experience and can't talk about it.

The Eschatos Encyclopedia articles will cover all the little bits of information and description that for whatever reason don’t make it into the books (or are only described briefly).  Absolutely nothing in these articles is necessary to understand and enjoy the novels – it’s all extra.

Why I’m Writing These Articles

If these articles are unnecessary, why write them?  Well, there are several reasons.

First, it’s fun.  I’ve spent a long time constructing the Eschatos Diagram universe and I like writing about it.

Second, it gives an introduction to the series for people who haven’t read the books (and hopefully a way to get them interested).  Once I have some of these written and detailed, they will work as a good way of explaining things the books don't make immediately clear. So, if you want to know what's up with Carcosa, you can find it here.

Third, its something extra for readers who finish all the books currently available and want more.  I'm one of those folks who likes finding out all the details, to its goriest depth in the worlds of my favorite authors. So, i"m writing the very thing I want when I'm reading someone else's works.

I have around 50 posts roughed out at the moment and at the rate of one per week that should keep me going for about a year.  Feel free to send a note, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook if you have any requests. You can also send a note to Immerlin to ask questions as well.

And I think that covers about everything.  I hope you look forward to the first entry as much as I do.

Monty St John

Monty St John